Certified to Australian Standard AS4687-2022

Australian Standard AS4687-2022 provides the technical, safety and minimum structural guidelines that all A-Class hoardings and Temporary Fencing must adhere to so they can be considered compliant.

The ‘Lomax System’ offers a range of reusable modular products that can be deployed with our simple instructions to build safe, compact, freestanding and indoor or outdoor hoarding and fencing solutions – again and again and again!

Certified compliant to AS4687 by independent structural engineers

All Lomax System configurations have been tested, re-tested and approved for compliance.

Multiple tests are required in controlled environments for all hoarding and fencing configurations. The Lomax System has exceeded these testing requirement.

Impact Testing

Part of the compliance testing of AS4687 requires that the hoarding or fence is capable of withstanding a physical ‘impact’ to both the front and the rear.

This impact by a nominated and specific force so as to simulate an equivalent occurrence / accident during any general construction works.

Simulated Climb Test

A ‘simulated climb test’ must be achieved to ensure the hoarding or fence cannot be scaled whilst in general use up to 2.4mH.

This test is completed by suspending a weighted pendulum on a lever arm from top of the ‘3 x panel’ hoarding or fencing configuration for a period of 3 minutes.

Outdoor ‘Wind Rated’ Applications

AS4687-2022 Part 1 details multiple factors that must to be considered to assess the correct ‘site-specific’ wind speed.

The Lomax System has developed clever tools to assist you with correctly assessing your site-specific wind speed requirements and what system configuration is suitable.

Aperture & Load Testing of Fence Panels

For fencing panels specifically, AS4687 requires that the aperture of the mesh does not allow the passing of a 76mm cube block and that the the infill is subjected to a downward load test of 102Kg for a period of 60 seconds.

The Lomax System structural engineering testing was completed using a ‘RapidMesh 240x210cm Galvanised Steel Temp Fence Panel’.

Lomax System Technical and Installation Guide

The intent of this ‘Technical and Installation Guide’ is to clearly describe and illustrate the build process and structural certification parameters of the various configurations for the ‘Lomax System’ in accordance to the testing of the system that was completed by the independent structural engineers.

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