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About Retail Shop Hoardings

When a retail premises requires some form of internal construction works, an ‘indoor shop hoarding’ is generally installed just outside that area to restrict public access to the site by way of a physical barrier, and to any stop any dust escaping that may be generated during the construction inside.

The location of such retail sites and their hoardings is entirely indoors and has no impact from any outdoor wind pressure or gusts.

It is commonplace to see an example of an ‘indoor retail shop hoarding’ in most Shopping Centres, Airports or Train Stations etc and it would usually have some form of advertising material / images applied to the hoarding post installation. The ‘indoor retail shop hoarding’ is often considered a critical ‘messaging opportunity’ for the retailer.

Given the location of such hoardings are usually in ‘high pedestrian traffic areas’ then adherence to the required Australian Standard (AS4687) is critical.

Compliance for indoor Retail Shop Hoardings

Australian Standard AS4687 provides the technical, safety and minimum structural guidelines that all A-Class hoardings must adhere to.

This technical guide ensures that the hoarding is capable of withstanding a physical ‘impact’ to both the front and the rear of the hoarding of a certain force so as to simulate an equivalent occurrence / accident during any general construction works.

All hoardings must be erected in accordance to AS4687 and a structural engineer should issue certification to confirm that the installation has been completed in a compliant manner.

Since it is commonplace for the ceilings in various retail environment / train stations / airports to be decorative by nature, it is often impossible to brace or attach to these areas and maintain a level of structural integrity that is compliant with AS4687.

The Lomax hoarding system doesn’t require bracing as it is counterweighted at the rear of the panels and so is completely free-standing – This approach makes the Lomax hoarding system the ideal solution to ensure that compliance to AS4687 is achieved in every installation again and again!

This compliance to AS4687 is supported by all the required certification issued by an independent, external structural engineer.

The Lomax system is designed, tested and manufactured to exceed AS-4687 requirements.

Why use the Lomax System for shop hoarding?

  • Designed and engineered for compliance to AS4687 – All configurations are certified by an external, independent structural engineer
  • Narrow Footprint – All our indoor hoarding configurations (and many outdoors) have an extremely narrow footprint of only 46cm (even our 8mH indoor configuration)
  • Free-Standing – An indoor hoarding can free-stand up to massive 8mH and is a completely self-supporting system – no bracing required – no property damaged caused.
  • It’s Safe and Secure – For maximum safety and our peace of mind, our clever design ensures weights cannot be detached from the hoarding panels whilst the hoarding is still standing
  • Supports Cross Beams – A critical cosmetic feature to ensure the hoarding doesn’t move or snake around post-install – The hoarding stays straight.
  • Offers a Support Post – A Steel Support Post extends upwards from the counterweights to increase the height of the fulcrum point of the system, reduce the quantity of weight required and ultimately offer enhanced structural stability
  • Multiple Panel Thicknesses + Type – Suitable for 12mm MDF / 16mm Particle Board and many more
  • It’s Stable – The standard MPG10 90×45 (4×2) timber is logically orientated on the strong axis for extra strength and stability at greater height

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