Lomax System Certified Stockists

Whilst we are based in Sydney, we have independent Lomax System Certified Stockists all over the country (and beyond) – and we are always looking for more!

These Certified Stockists are independent businesses that own, promote and use the ‘Lomax System’ as part of their service offering.

For all our Certified Stockists that wish to participate, we operate a national ‘quote referral scheme’ – This referral scheme ensures that all enquiries and project requests that come directly to us are forwarded on to our various stockists within the applicable geographical trade area.

This approach to lead generation and sharing ensures that you are joining part of our national footprint that you might not otherwise be benefiting from.

If you have a valued client who needs a project completing in a geographical area that you don’t service – wouldn’t it be great to be able to refer them to a trusted ‘Lomax System Certified Stockist’ who you know will complete the works to your standard – it’s just better to be part of a network than go it alone!

Along with the obvious benefits above, as a ‘Lomax System Certified Stockist’ you also have ongoing support and assistance on a wide range of topics such as compliance, standards, supplier contacts just to name a few.

Enquire now about becoming a Lomax System Certified Stockist

Here we give details of what you get as a certified stockist:

  • Benefit from ongoing support such as compliance information, contract assistance, supplier referrals
  • Receive ongoing marketing tools to promote your brand in alliance with Lomax System
  • Be provided ‘requests for quotes’ for projects that are within your geographical trade area

Some of our Certified Stockists

The Benefits of Being a Lomax System Certified Stockist

For all our certified stockists of The Lomax System that wish to participate, we provide an ongoing ‘quote referral model’ for all enquiries and requests that come directly to us within your geographical trade area.